adding the border to my sencillo shawl

i have had a demand for directions on adding the border to my sencillo shawl after knitting the body.  so here we go…

knit the entire body of the shawl ignoring the bold border directions. which means you will be casting on1st to start. to do the first increase then i would just kfb.

now with your border yarn, CO 10 sts and follow row 1’s border directions.

turn work and knit the row 2 directions to the last st.

slip that stitch to the right needle and then pick up the first stitch of the first garter ridge from the right side of the main body knitting.

knit that first stitch with the last stitch from the border (through the back or the front, whichever feels easier) and turn work.

on row 3, slip the first stitch and then follow the directions for the rest of the border stitches in that row. turn work. and knit row 4 border stitches, again knitting the last stitch with the first stitch in the next ridge.

continue in this manner to the end.

now you see some extra pulling in my picture but that is because i was using too large of needles with the thin yarn (because that was all that i had available.)

hope that this helps everyone out.

One thought on “adding the border to my sencillo shawl

  1. I am still having trouble getting started. If I cast on one stitch, and follow the directions, then I end up with 3 stitches?? Two on the right needle, and one on the left. what am I missing??
    Thank you!!

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