the over skirt

i finally finished my over skirt and man do i love it!!! it goes with everything! and is just so cute!

(how to for the ruffle skirt here.)

i got the idea after visiting etsy one day.  i saw some similar skirts that were all one piece with the ruffling underneath.  and i just thought wow. why not make it a separate so that i could wear it with everything!

don’t worry. like everything else around here i am going to show you how!

go get some freezer paper, a ruler, a pencil and your favorite a-line skirt pattern.  when you have your supplies, click here to find out about how to make the pattern and cut the material.  you will need some jersey (4 or 5 big t-shirts would probably work as well) and a rotary cutter too.

(all about the bloom skirt here.)

follow these directions to put it all together…

(how to for showing the seams skirt here.)

and start layering away!

my favorite part has to be the buttons…

received their silvery goodness a couple of years ago at christmas time!

hey! come back tomorrow! i discovered another use for this over skirt as well!

18 thoughts on “the over skirt

  1. I love how you can interchange this with different skirts – my favorite is the ruffled skirt underneath. Really original idea to make it separate! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. oh my goodness! It’s like a sweater for skirts. soooooo cute. I’m going to make one right away!

  3. Oh, this over-skirt is so cute, as is every skirt over which you’ve placed it! I love it all (I have a little obsession with Alabama Chanin, though I’ve yet to complete a project). I just found you on Wardrobe Refashion, and apparently I love everything you make.😉 Seriously though, this is such great inspiration–thank you!

  4. I love jersey sheets on sale, too! we have basically no use for flat sheets, so they become fabric for sewing. thanks for sharing.

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  6. I just found your blog via Craft Gossip, and can I say how incredibly inspiring it’s been? Seriously, I love the look of the overskirt/petticoat combo, and will definitely have to sew one of each up very soon. Thank you for posting the tutorial!

  7. I just purchased my fabric for this (thin fleece), and got the rest of my fabric for the ruffle skirt (ecru flannel). I really hope I got enough yardage for the overskirt.

    I too have completely fallen for your site!

  8. oh my gosh, i love this idea! i will definitely have to try this. i particularly like it over the red skirt, but it looks great over all three! :)lisa

  9. Thank you so very much for the repin, and the instructions
    to make this darling skirt-ette , Brilliant !
    Because, I found your pin, I was able to visit your lovely blog
    and must say, I’ve a nice time , whilst here.

  10. Soo cute- found it on pinterest and fell for it.
    I do have one question though (after I made most of it) what are you doing against the stretch of the jersey in the waist did you put in some elastic?
    would love to hear about that
    All the best and thank you for the great tutorial…

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