slow summer stitch : the under skirt

i wanted a fairly simple skirt that i could wear on my own or under another skirt (like the black gored skirt that i am in the process of making from the book alabama studio style).  the pleated section will peek a boo out from the bottom of the other skirt.

i made this skirt without even using a pattern. it has a very simply construction.  it is basically 5 tiers of fabric.

i am going to walk you through how i did it so that if you want to make one you can.

here is what you need:

2 yd (probably, i am guessing. i don’t remember how much of this stuff i had originally bought) jersey knit yardage (in color of your choice. mine is grey.)

thread in same color

ruler / cutting board

1. measure your waist. divide that by .75 = length of jersey to be cut (mine was 28 in long). then you want it to be 4 1/2 in tall.

2.  double your length of jersey = tier #2 length.  this one is 6 in tall.

3.  sew a basting stitch through the entire length and then gather it up to your waist length in the first tier.  pin in place.

4.  sew in place using a stretchy stitch.  i hand stitched mine using a herringbon stitch.  it worked great. if you want to do this on your machine a simple zig zag will work fine.

5.  this is what it will look like now.  for tier #3 take your length from tier #2 and add 3in. again 6 in tall.

6.  pin it in place to the bottom of tier #2.  i overlapped the edges for each tier 1/2 in. i made the tier above the new one be on top all the way down.

7.  i did two rows of running stitch.  for the rest of the tiers i only did one row of running stitch.  whichever you want to use is completely up to you and your style.

8.  tier #4, take the length of tier #3 and add another 3in to the length and make it 6 in tall.  repeat steps 6 and 7.

9.  now we are ready for the final tier.  this one is double the length of tier #4 and 4 1/2 in tall. (you will have to piece this together to get the length that you want. just so that you are warned. you can gather this tier as in step 3 or place pleats about every 2 in.  i used pleats because i didn’t have enough yardage for the gathered bottom, though i think i would have liked it more.

10. last step. sewing up the last seam.  fold your skirt in half right sides facing and stitch along the seam using 1/2 seam allowance.

done! enjoy.

15 thoughts on “slow summer stitch : the under skirt

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  5. Very late in the game here… but I LOVE this!! It’s definitely my next project. Thanks for the tute!:)

  6. absolutely love this skirt idea. I actually would love just wearing it as a regular skirt not an underskirt! But had a question….what did you do with the waitband? did you fold the top under or leave the edge bare without a hem?

  7. Lovely hand stitching. Great example for the rest of us that we don’t have to lug out the machines to do some nice stitchery!

    Thanks and hope you re-up this soon!

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