Slow Summer Stitch: coffee mug cozy #2

** i just joined artsy crafty’s slow summer stitching group.  we will be sewing by hand all summer long.  i will try and label my hand stitched posts and projects as such.  i am so excited!  go here to check it out.

here is the big sister to this coffee mug cozy. this is made out of jersey material (basically leftover scraps from other t-shirt related projects).  i wanted to base this a little bit on some alabama chanin designs that i have seen on the web but aren’t outlined yet in her books.  i say yet, because i hear that there is a third book in the works!!

this is basically the design (the top middle design illustrates the technique) that i have seen.  stenciling was still used a bit in this one i believe.  i opted out of stenciling this time and just wanted to give the effect a shot.  you take jersey pulls and stitch them down using a whip stitch around the stenciled pattern or to form a pattern in themselves.  i stuck with simple swirls for my first shot at this.

here is how:

1.  cut several strips of jersey in varying lengths.  mine are about 3/4 in wide.

2.  grap both ends and give them a good tug til they start to curl up on themselves.

3.  secure one end to the fabric that you are embellishing.

4.  come up on one side of the pull and…

5.  down on the other. continue to do this, placing the pull where you want your design to go until you are finished.

6.  voila cool design.  continue adding swirls til you get tired.

7.   i then added the buttons and it was finished.

for the basic shape and form of this cozy i used the same directions as this coffee cozy.  i simply changed the embellishment.

i am really pleased with this one too!

up this weekend:  a stitched polo shirt and maybe a couple of pillows.  plus rummage sales are this weekend again!!!

8 thoughts on “Slow Summer Stitch: coffee mug cozy #2

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  2. Britt, those coffe cup cozies are great! I really am intrigued by this new technique. I think you’ve created a great application for it. Wouldn’t it be a great hot pad/trivet/coaster too? Thank you.

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