Tutorial : boy’s wallet

My oldest boy wanted a wallet, not a little kid wallet, one like dad’s.  I looked around a bit and found that most wallet tutorials that I could find were kid like or for women.  He didn’t like them.  So here is how we made theirs.

By the way, we used all materials from the stash.  The denim came from a huge curtain that my mother-in-law gave me awhile back and that i have used for two big bags and a lunch bag.  The army material has also been in the stash for a bit, along with the interface.

We used :

4 pieces of denim 5in x 9in (you could use any sturdy fabric)

1 piece of fusible interfacing 5in x 9in

1 piece of cotton fabric 3in x 9in

Fuse the interface to the wrong side of one of the pieces of denim, use the directions that come with your interface. This will be the outside of the wallet.

Take the piece of cotton fabric, fold the top down about 1/4 in and iron flat.  This will make the card pockets on the inside of the wallet.

Sew this down.

The next part is optional: We needed a way to tell the wallets apart since we were going to make two.

We took a piece of muslin about 1in x 1 1/2in and Flint wrote his name on one and Monte’s on another with permanent marker.  Take the piece of denim that you fused the interfacing on, place the name tag about 2in up from the bottom of the right side of the denim, and sew around it a few times.

Take one of the other pieces of denim and with right side up baste the cotton pocket fabric to the denim on both sides after lining up the bottoms.

Then find the middle of this piece that is now basted together and sew down through the middles so that now you have two pockets.

Lay the extra piece of denim face up on the table, lay the “pocket” piece on top of the also right side up, take the piece with the interfacing and lay it right side down, so that they are all sandwiched together.

Sew all around leaving a 2in to 3 in opening for turning right side out.

Before turning trim the corners.  We took extra off around the bottom corners to take out some of the thickness in these two corners.

Turn right side out and steam iron the poo out of it. Fold in half and steam iron the poo out of it some more, so that it will fold down the middle.

After ironing the poo out of it, sew the bottom hole shut.  I stitched it shut by hand. If you have a heavy duty needle and a good machine, you could top stitch all the way around.

Place money in the big “man’s” pocket (as the boys would say).

Put your Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh cards in the little pockets.

Fold it up and put it in your pocket.

I hope that you find this useful.  Flint and I had fun making these.  He made his after watching me make Monte’s.  I had a picture of the two wallets together but then discovered that it was too blurry to post.

Flint took his wallet for show and tell today.  He was sooo proud!!

Let me know if you make one by sending an e-mail or posting it in the comments.  If you need clarification on anything, just let me know.

Happy sewing!

Coming up… another way to fix up a t-shirt.

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