gift series : can cozy redo : stitching

the gift series:  every friday for as long as i can keep it going, i will be creating a post that i think would make a wonderful gift for someone you know.  this is to go along with a new year’s resolution that i made to make almost all of next year’s christmas gifts by working on random gifts throughout the year.  this way i will be spreading the spending out rather than going broke at christmas time.  i plan on having a variety of projects from sewing, knitting, stitching, and random crafts.  some posts will be diy, tutorials or just inspirational photos.  i hope that you enjoy the series and find it helpful.


do you have about a gazillion of those ugly wedding can cozies? i know i do. ok fine. you caught me. i only have 30. but it feels like a gazillion!  they are a big wedding gift around these parts, but they are always so ugly. odd colors or color combinations. funky and sometimes inappropriate sayings.  well i wanted something a bit nicer.

here’s what i you’ll need:

can cozy (collapsible neoprene cozy)

enough jersey material to cover cozy (i used some bleach pattern jersey that i had at home)

needle and thread (in same color or contrasting color)

1. using a seam ripper carefully undo the side stitches.


2.  lay the cozy out flat and trace the shape onto a piece of paper.

3.  add a seam allowance of 1/2 in to all but the sides that were sewn together.

4.  use this pattern to cut your jersey fabric.  try to find some jersey with character.

5.  pin the jersey to the front of the can cozy folding the seam allowance around the curved section first.


6. stitch this in place using a whip stitch.

7. make sure your jersey is snug and pin and fold seam allowance over top of can cozy.  whip stitch in place. (note: for my first few, i did this step last.  i think it would look better done now.)


8.  fold can cozy in half with right sides together; again making sure jersey is snug.


9.  stitch together the sides using a running stitch. use the old seam markings to guide your stitches.

10. fold right side out. and enjoy


Variations : you could easily do the following to jazz them up a bit more:

add you favorite stencil using permanent marker or fabric paint

add applique or do reverse applique

add writing (names or better sayings that what they started out with)


Sewing: don’t like hand stitching. you could probably use your sewing machine. just be sure to use a stretchy stitch on the tops of the cozy.  you need it to stretch around your can.

NOTE:was hoping to have shop up and running by monday but it is causing me some issues.  but i hope to have it worked out soon. so stay tuned!

trying and getting closer

ok. i am getting closer. i got a new domain name through with my own web hosting company.  now i am trying to set up the site where i will be able to add shopping cart and such!  but i can’t figure out how to get these old blog posts to the new site.  can anyone that speaks english and not computer help with that?

setting up shop

evidently you can’t set up a shop through your wordpress blog.  i don’t understand.  you can do it through blogspot somehow (ie jane richmond’s pattern shop).

can i add a buy now button from paypal?  if so why that but not here.

i like it here. i want to have my blog connected to my shop. figuring out how is giving me a headache.

anyone have suggestions?

zigzaguear cowl

i know it isn’t really time for cowls anymore. what with winter moving out and spring moving in.  but i like to make things for winter all year long.

cowl 010

pattern : zigzaguear cowl by me (available for purchase here)

yarn : reclaimed cotton 10ply from a goodwill sweater in orange

needles : us 9

finished measurements : 10 in x 23 in

gauge : 13sts x 22rounds =4in in pattern

looking for a couple of test knitters. any takers?

cowl 009

i got the stitch pattern for the zig zag off of a russian website.  no written instructions just a chart with some symbols.  they were pretty easy to decipher and then i was off and running.

cowl 003

this knit up rather quickly and was kind of addictive. i wanted to keep going but ran out of yarn! and let’s face it, it was tall enough.

cowl 007

i think being that it is made of cotton and not wool, i will keep this baby out through the summer for those cool fireside nights. might come in awful handy!

cowl 002

i really want to make a version of this out of knit picks new billow yarn.  they have some great colors and its the perfect weight yarn. maybe i will get some for my birthday later this month!